AncientCoinage Collection

Deposit of your Registration with us entitles you to participate in the i-collection of AncientCoinage.

Making your ancient coins known to the grand public enlarges their value. For that reason we offer registered collectors to do both, publishing in Coin Gallery and participate in our virtual coin collection. As to the later, please keep in mind that it is a known fact that coins from the provenance of an important collection always meet a better price then similar coins from an anonymous collection. Why? For one reason this is the result of "collection publishing1" (famous coin collections are published and well documented). An other powerful argument may be found in what is called: "signaling2". Signaling here enforces, for the owner and/or acquirer of this coin, the added value of "certainty". Certainty about the artistic significance of the design, patina and theme; about the quality, rarity and originality; about the collection subject, documentation and historical fit.

What if, one day, I were to buy an ancient coin. Wouldn't I than be interested to know that it is from the provenance of a well known collection? What if, on the other hand, I was to sell or trade my coin? Wouldn't it now be nice if this coin were to be from the "provenance of a well known collection". I bet it is!

In compliance to a specific set of rules, participation in Coin Gallery entitles you to join in the i-collection of AncientCoinage. Let's make it happen and register3 your collection too. Register now.


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