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- publication [1] of your collection in Coin Gallery;
- participation [2] in the collection of AncientCoinage;
- privileged use of our examination and coin certification service at reduced prices;
- full use of our Information an Communication Management system [ICM]:

* information and communication in your personal interest areas;
* personalized and efficient one-to-one communication;
* web-ads only in your personal interest area;
* credits in exchange for your time spent with web-ads;
* privileged tread in our e-commerce engine;

- full use of your personal savings account with Ancient Coinage;
- full use of your personal log-in ID;
- professional help with your barter, purchase, and/or sales activities in our site;
- full use of a personalized free bi-monthly news letter;
- full use of our billboard to post your sleuth-ads; and
- no nuisance from web-ads if so desired by you.

At present this website is still under construction. Hence some benefits may yet not fully be installed. We will inform you about this by using stop signs.

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1 Please note that publishing in Coin Gallery is governed by a set of rules [go to Coinage Office for more info];
2 Please note that participation in the collection of AncientCoinage© is subject to a specific set of rules;

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